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...ving Richard II.. This is perhaps to be attributed in a great measure to ... The Mad Monarchist: Monarch Profile: King Richard II of ... ... ... Richard II is King of England, John of Gaunt's nephew and Bullingbrook's cousin. Authoritarian, unwilling to listen to good advice, friendly with persons not of noble birth, he is not the sort of king likely to earn his noblemen's love. He over-taxes the country, finding many new ways of raising revenue, most of which appears to be wasted. Richard II. (6.ledna 1367 - cca 14. února 1400) byl anglický král od ... King Richard II: Charles Kean 1857 by William Shakespeare ... . Richard II. (6.ledna 1367 - cca 14. února 1400) byl anglický král od roku 1377 do svého sesazení v roce 1399.Richard, syn Černého prince Eduarda, se narodil během vlády svého děda Eduarda III. Když mu byly 4 roky, stal se nejprve druhým následníkem trůnu, protože jeho starší bratr Eduard z Angoulême zemřel, a poté následníkem trůnu, když v roce 1376 zemřel jeho otec. There wasn't a great deal of debate about the matter but it is significant that parliament was called upon to recognise the transition. Edward II disappeared into Berkeley Castle where he was murdered - the medieval way of getting rid of a king who'd worn out his welcome. Two generations later Richard II renounced the throne in 1399. Richard II , also known as Richard of Bordeaux, was King of England from 1377 until he was deposed on 30 September 1399. Richard, a son of Edward, the Black Prince, was born in Bordeaux during the ... Richard II - Richard II - Tyranny and fall: The exalted notions that Richard articulated in Ireland formed the background for his dramatic reassertion of royal authority two years later in England. In July 1397 Richard ordered the arrest of the senior Appellants—Gloucester, Arundel, and Warwick. The first two were imprisoned and executed, and the last exiled to the Isle of Man. A rule by inheritance is depicted through King Richard, whereas a rule by competency is illustrated by Henry Bolingbroke. The play Richard II is an allegory to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and her controversial reign of power in England. She, like Richard, was seen to be very unsuccessful. Richard II shows how power play is operating in... Richard II (Wars of the Roses #1), William Shakespeare, Roma Gill (Editor) King Richard the Second is a history play by William Shakespeare believed to have been written in approximately 1595. Edward III's eldest son, Edward, later known as 'the Black Prince', died in 1376. The king's grandson, Richard II, succeeded to the throne aged 10, on his grandfather's death in 1377. In 1381 the Peasants' Revolt broke out, and Richard, aged 14, bravely rode out to meet the rebels at Mile End and at Smithfield, London. Wat Tyler, the principal leader of the peasants, was killed and the ... King Richard II = Král Richard II.. [Willi...


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